Make History

May 18 — 20

Thank You

The convention.

PDXCON is the epic celebration of Paradox Interactive’s game universes and the vibrant communities that bring them to life.

Join us for 3 days jam-packed with experiences that let you dive deep into the world of Paradox. This is going to be the highlight of our year and we are looking forward to hanging out with you!

  • 03 days
  • 30+ speakers
  • 800+ attendees
  • 4 parties
The Baron
The Baron
95 EUR
  • An all-access pass to all convention activities, including seminars, game talks, gameplay areas, contests, and much more, Saturday and Sunday May 19 - 20th
  • The Baron PDXCON goodie bag
  • The Baron PDXCON 2018 forum icon
  • The Baron PDXCON 2018 forum avatar
  • Dinner & Drinks at Saturday party
  • PDXCON hotel-hub discounts
  • Shuttle service to convention site
  • PDXCON Friday pre-party
  • PDXCON Sunday after-party
  • On-site beta access
  • Access to multiplayer sessions & show matches
Sold out
The King
The King
195 EUR
  • Includes everything from The Baron
  • Friday night party at Paradox office, May 18th
  • Friday LAN with devs
  • The King PDXCON goodie bag
  • The King in-game gift-pack: PDXCON Exclusive Coat of Arms DLC for Crusader Kings II
  • The King PDXCON 2018 forum icon
  • The King PDXCON 2018 forum avatar
Sold out
The Emperor
The Emperor
495 EUR
  • Includes all content and perks from both The Baron and The King
  • Full extra day at Paradox office: Small group workshops with devs, designers, and key Paradox team members, Friday May 18th
  • Exclusive LAN in smaller groups with devs
  • 50% off any item on Paradox Plaza
  • Vouchers for 3 existing or upcoming DLC/Expansions on Paradox Plaza
  • Lunch & dinner included on Friday and Saturday, plus lunch on Sunday
  • The Emperor in-game gift-pack: Get your character in Crusader Kings II
  • The Emperor PDXCON Goodie bag
  • The Emperor PDXCON 2018 forum icon
  • The Emperor PDXCON 2018 forum avatar
Sold out



Stockholm, Sweden

Nackastrand Factory

Map Pin Augustendalstorget 6, 131 52 Nacka Strand

The Nacka Strand Factory is an event venue based in an old car factory dating back to the early 20th century, that’s been completely transformed for PDXCON, providing a unique setting and a once in a lifetime experience.

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