The Brandenburg Gate

Without a doubt, the Brandenburg Gate is the most famous historic landmark in Berlin. This neoclassical monument from 1791 is 26 meters high and is located in the Mitte district, Pariser Platz. Due to its physical and symbolic position during the Cold War it worked as a blocked gate alongside the Berlin Wall, which made it a common area for demonstrations by West Berliners.

The Reichstag

The historical building, Reichstag was built and completed in 1894 where this palace served as the home of the German Empire until the building burned in 1933 and was re-built in 1999. This historical piece of Berlin’s history is a major attraction where visitors also can enjoy the rooftop restaurant and amazing view of the surroundings of Berlin, especially at night.

The Berlin Wall

The wall was put in place and built in 1961 when East and West Germany were divided. The Wall itself is 4 meters high and 155 kilometres long. The Berlin Wall also had 293 observations towers and 57 bunkers that were used to prevent crossing. As of today, only small parts of the Wall remain intact where the city of Berlin has created the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Charlottenburg Palace & Park

This Building belonged to the German Royalty for decades and was built in the late 17th century. Throughout the palace you’ll find expansive halls as well as a large garden that was inspired by the beautiful gardens at Versailles. Another spectacular experience of this property is the guided tour through the New Wing where visitors can get a peek of how the royal family lived during this time.

The Gendarmenmarkt

The Gendarmenmarkt is one of Berlin’s most spectacular squares where visitors will find three historical landmarks in one place: the Konzerthaus, the French Cathedral and the German Cathedral. At this 17th century square visitors can enjoy Berlin’s most popular symphony orchestras, historical monuments and the world known theater inside the Konzerthaus.

The Jewish Museum Berlin

The museum is probably one of Berlin’s most striking landmarks as it displays collections and artifacts from the horrible time and the struggle of Jewish Germans. As a visitor you’ll get a glimpse of this struggle by galleries that include 24.000 photographs, among other objects.

Boat Cruise Berlin

The River Spree offers visitors a different perspective of the city of Berlin by cruising along the Landwehrkanal or across lakes in the heart of Berlin.

ZOO Berlin

The ZOO of Berlin opened their gates in 1844 and is the first Zoo ever in Germany. The Zoo has approximately 25,000 animals with more than 2,000 different species, which is announced to be the most important collection in the world. The park also has the largest public Aquarium in the world.

Victory Column

The 67 meter high historic monument was originally located in front of the Reichstag but can now be found at Platz der Republik as the German people relocated the monument here in 1938. The monument is a symbol of Prussian military victory and as of today one of Berlin’s most popular tourist spots. Visitors can also enjoy spectacular views from the top by taking on 300 steps to the top.