MAY 21-23 2021
FAQ - Before you Apply

Thanks for taking an interest in sharing your own activities with PDXCON Remixed! We’ve put together some frequently asked questions that should help you understand the details of this process.

How much info do I need to provide at this stage?

Most of the fields in the submission form are optional, but the more details you are able to provide us, the easier it will be for us to assess your submission and consider you for inclusion.

When do I know if my activity has been accepted or not?

For a talk or panel we accept for the show, we will reach out to you by the end of April 2021. Space is limited, and we’d love to add everyone’s submissions, but if you do not hear from us by May 2021, it means we did not have room for your submission this year. But you are more than welcome to apply for the next one!

How will my activity be included in the show?

When submitting your activities to PDXCON you have the chance to be featured in the official agenda on the PDXCON website, and have your activity included on our Discord Server or the main Twitch Stream.

Will my talks/panels be streamed live?

Talks and panels will be pre-recorded and featured during a dedicated slot on the livestream. If your talk has been chosen, we will communicate a deadline to you when you should have submitted your pre-recorded content before the show.

Where will my Gameplay Challenge/Tournament be featured?

The Gameplay Challenges and Tournaments will be featured live on a dedicated section for User generated content on the PDXCON Discord.

When during PDXCON will my activity be scheduled, can I decide?

If you have a preferred time slot for your activity, please let us know and we will try to accommodate as much as possible. We may have to offer alternative slots based on existing schedule commitments. Once your activity has been accepted, we will reach out to you with more info and scheduling details.

Can I submit more than one activity to the show?

Yes! You will need to file a new application for each individual submission.

Is there an age limit?

PDXCON REMIXED is open for anyone age 18 or above, the same age limit applies for the activity submissions.